A mix of Hip Hop, Pop, Urban, Soul Music is flowing through C.I.C his DNA. C.I.C also has an aggressive yet mellow rap style. If inspiration has studied from different areas in America, the Netherlands and across the rap scene. For this reason, his rap style both Dutch and American atmosphere. For example, the US state of New York has had a major influence on him. C.I.C his first release was a debut tape of thirteen songs. The tape was about the events and emotions of others among his surroundings. This tape has opened a lot of doors for him. Now he has soundtracks with ,Chelsea Reject, Dessy Hinds of Pro Era and much more collaborations are coming soon. You can hear the collaborations on his new mixtape called '2 Real' . This project is about himself but he created this project so that the community around him can relate to it.


Singer / Songwriter. R & B, Neo-Soul

Sabrun Jameel was born on 20 August 1995 in Utrecht.
She came in touch with music at a young age, using singing and writing texts as a vent for her emotions.
Sabrun is a creative and ambitious person with a strong character, adapts to any genre and style of music in collaboration with an artist.
Her goal is to become successful as a singer, to collaborate with different artists and to make own tracks. For now, she is currently working on a DUO EP with rapper C.I.C and the team members from Unlimited Vision Records.


Denzel Moiz


``Redefining Minor Chords`` Denzel Moiz succeeds to produce feel-good and uplifting music, without making his music sound sad or gloomy.
His love for electronic music began at the age of 12. The first songs were produced in Garageband and after he got the taste, he moved on to FL Studio. Denzel Moiz began a collaboration with another producer under the name ``Blacklash``, after a short period and several tracks he decided to go solo. His musicality, creativity, and discipline to learn did not match his partner's, so he continued his musical journey as ``Denzel Moiz``.
With Spijkenisse as his home and growing up in a musical family, he was from an early age already working on music. He never doubted what he wanted to do later, music has been his answer for already 17 years. Where the opportunities were often limited, he always had the discipline for musical education and perseverance to follow his passion.
Denzel Moiz is not quickly placed in a genre, his creativity goes outside the lines, which makes his music interesting. His extraordinary perspective on music currently aroused the interest of other DJ-Producers and musicians. In the future, we will probably still hear a lot of this young producer.
He is now a student of the Herman Brood Academie (The Same music college Martin Garrix did)



Allround Musician, Producer, Vocal / Band Coach, Musical Director, Teacher. These are the words needed to describe Djwuney's talents the fastest. For several years, he also works with various well-known musicians and artists, such as Shirma Rouse, Poliana Viera, Jandino Asporate, Shary Ann, Broederliefde and Jonna Fraser. He was also honored to work with Broeder Liefde (April 29, 2017) In Sparta stadium ''Het Kasteel''. In the meanwhile, he is stimulated by a fund called the Urban Arts Talent FCP under the auspices of the Music Matter Foundation, which invests in him to develop as a musician/producer and help him to bring his music to a higher level. He has had the opportunity this year for the first time in New York to take a look at networks with great musicians like Deron Bash Marvin Woodside, Isaiah David Johnson, Glenn Gibson Jr., Dashawn Moore, L-Tone and much more Some have also participated in his live arrangements. In addition, he produces for Unlimited Vision Records(C.I.C and Joanne Sanders), Jefferson Daveiga, Neda Boin and much more! He looks forward to a promising future and stands ready for all the adventures that are waiting for him.


1st: Piano / Keyboard
2nd: Drums
3rd: Bass Guitar
4th: Singing



Joanne Sanders was born on September 15, 1986, in Rotterdam.
Growing in a musical family, she came into contact with all types of genres of music and artists, who inspired her to sing herself at an early age. At the age of 13, she got her 1st guitar and she started writing her own songs from then on.

Early vocal Career:
In the past, she was together with a group called Indigo at the Kwaku Festival, with this group she has worked together often and she has worked with different people to write songs for them. She works a lot in the background to make her own songs and songs for others, performing cafes to gain stage experience, participated in a Singer / Songwriter challenge where she became 2nd, words become sentences, SKVR and much more festivals

Songwriting skills: Comes from a musical family, by writing, singing, listening to hits and commercial music. She has a good ear for music and exercises and writes often. For a better number, she thinks she is doing well and uses a lot of tactics, flowing in a song.
To broaden internationally and to further develop her skills.

As songwriter she has written songs for different artists, she is part of music collective FTL Entertainment. That's how she officially said, like C.I.C, she made a collaboration with Nitty Scott MC and Chelsea Reject.